PC Optimization Software

PC Optimization Software

Quickly optimize your computer with an optimization program.

Computers are comprised of hardware and software. Software runs most effectively and efficiently when the hardware is in working order. Because of that, utilities have been created to help optimize system hardware and software for best results.

Instead of buying a new machine for $500 or more, an optimization program can scan your computer and determine what can be done to help restore the fresh “out of the box” feeling you noticed when you first started using your computer or laptop.

Some of these tools are frequently used by repair technicians during their tests, and sometimes as the only method for fixing a “broken” computer. At times, it can be as simple as optimizing the existing hardware and software applications for best use on the machine.

How Does PC Optimization Software Work?

In the most basic sense, the software works to optimize the computer. A number of utilities exist to help, and some of these programs contain more advanced applications to further assist in the process.

Many optimization programs offer at least:

  • Disk analysis – Scanning the hard drive and looks for inconsistencies which may include recommending disk defragmentation.
  • Disk defragmenting – Organize fragmented files on the hard drive and work to consolidate them to speed up the loading process of files or applications.
  • Process analysis – Reviews the existing processes on the computer and determines if certain processes can be ended or are utilizing excess resources.
  • Management of restore points – Can quickly and easily setup a restore point to make sure your files and information is backed up should something go wrong.
  • Automatic removal of unnecessary browser add-ons – As a number of browser add-ons contain some form of malware, removing them can drastically improve the performance of your computer.

Some of these features are included with an operating system (like Microsoft Windows). The main benefits of using a program to handle computer optimization are you can manage all services in one spot, schedule the application to run as you need, and modify/disable the processes as well.

Benefits of using a computer optimizing application

Computer Optimize Meter

Be sure your computer is optimized.

Over time, the performance of a computer tends to decrease. While applications do require additional resources for full utilization, it is also negligence by the user that can cause poor performance as well. Regardless, here are a few reasons why you may want to use a program to help optimize your computer.

  1. Organization of applications – Instead of setting up multiple schedules for individual disk analysis, disk defragmenter, restore points, and more, you can quickly and easily setup all necessary services from one interface quickly and easily.
  2. Automate some time-consuming tasks – By automatically removing or uninstalling unnecessary toolbars or add-ons, it can help save you time sorting through installed applications and prevent the accidental uninstall of required programs.
  3. Help computer last longer – By optimizing your hard drive and avoiding unnecessary processes, your computer can function properly and likely last longer as well.
  4. Simplicity – If you are not an advanced user, it may make the entire process painless and easy for you.
  5. Low cost – Not only are there free programs, but even the ones requiring a license are usually less than $50 per year. Considering a bill could extend well beyond $100 for a minor repair, the cost of these programs is generally well worth it.

Even as an advanced computer user, having the necessary functions in one location can make the maintenance process quick and easy. Spend some time doing research as to which computer optimization program would work best for your needs.

Analyze and Defragment Disk

Easily optimize your computer by analyzing and defragmenting your hard drive.

Possible reasons to not use a computer optimization program

Software is generally created to solve a problem. However, some programs may just make your computer experience more difficult. Here are a few reasons why you may not want to use a program to help optimize your system.

  1. Unnecessary features – Some programs contain too many features that are often sub-par to those included with Windows. Additionally, they may also include other “bloatware” or functions that may actually make your computer run more slowly.
  2. May not be as effective as manual – While many programs can help automate processes such as uninstalling applications or removing processes, they can make errors. For advanced users, handling such tasks manually is likely more effective.
  3. Over reporting – Some programs have received negative attention due to possibly claiming more errors than are really present on the computer.
  4. Not as effective as other programs – Performing tasks to help optimize the computer are definitely vital. However, if you are only going to use one or two external programs on your computer, it should really be to scan and prevent viruses and malware. Doing that alone is a huge help for optimizing the health and functionality of your computer.
Computer Optimization - Found Errors

Some optimization software has received negative reviews due to over reporting the number of errors.

Optimization programs can definitely help keep your computer running smoothly. However, if you are careful and take proper care of your machine by running virus scans and malware scans, and avoid installing higher-risk programs, you may be able to make do without an optimization program. In fact, many advanced computer users avoid installing extra software that may make tasks more difficult or falsely report errors that do not exist.

Other software that may help instead of a PC optimizer

If you are unsure of other programs you can use to help keep your computer running effectively, take a look at some of these other software applications that may actually be more useful than a PC optimizer.

  • Virus scanners – Virus scanners can be really effective if they have preventative methods in place. Scanning for viruses after an infection is great, but it works best if the virus is prevented before it even infiltrates your computer.
  • Malware scanners – Much like a virus scanner, malware scanners should definitely be able to detect malware early. Malware includes things like spyware, adware, rootkits, and other malicious software. Effective malware programs will notify you of infected websites and sometimes even block access to them as well.
  • Registry cleaners – Some registry cleaner programs are very similar to PC optimization programs, but they tend to be more specialized. Registry cleaners perform an in-depth analysis of the registry and manage any missing entries or inconsistencies that are found.

Remember, applications exist for just about everything. Make sure you understand what you are downloading and installing to make sure your computer stays safe.

Top 3 Recommended PC Optimization Programs

  1. SpeedyPC Pro
  2. RegCure PC Optimizer
  3. PC Health Advisor

Be sure to review our entire list of programs that can help optimize your computer. You can learn about the different features and benefits of different programs quickly and easily, and even download applications to use as well.

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