Imgedit.ocx is a feature of the ActiveX control program and is used for manipulating images. The imgedit.ocx file is a common Windows file which manages and loads the settings of Windows and its applications. To run correctly in Windows XP,


Imgscan.ocx is an activeX file control utilized by ImagEdit for image scanning. This program has the imaging functions that are found in Microsoft Windows 95 to Windows 2000. However, these features are not available on operating systems from Windows XP


Graph32.ocx is a process file used by Microsoft Windows operating systems and is not known to be a required system file for all applications. However, the graph32.ocx file is likely required to run specific applications and may cause problems if


The anigif.ocx file is a JComSoft ActiveX control. It is capable of showing graphics from animated or static .gif files and can provide more information about the animation details. The anigif.ocx file is capable of stretching the output to properly


Dhtmled.ocx is a process file that was created by for use within Microsoft Windows operating systems. The file is known by all of the Windows programs, including the various directories and files. These directories and files are components of the


Comct232.ocx is a normal component on the Windows operating system. As a Windows control, various applications use the comct232.ocx file in conjunction with others to be able to communicate properly within the system. Many of the common controls, like comct232.ocx,


Similar to all .ocx files, comct332.ocx must be registered properly for it to function and for the computer system to function properly. The file, comct332.ocx, is required for a variety of applications on Windows-based operating systems, including FS Flight Calculator.


Actbar2.ocx is a file that was created by Data Dynamics ActiveBar 2.0 Control from Data Dynamics. The process is sometimes executed by ActiveBar 2.5 and controls processes not known to be required. File name: actbar2.ocx File information: ActiveBar 2.5 Control


Cswsk32.ocx is a process that is utilized by computer systems in order to open and use the files which are needed to run applications and software. The cswsk32.ocx file is recognized by all Windows components, including a large amount of


Some .ocx files display errors due to not being registered. Because of that, Microsoft has outlined specific steps for how to register .ocx files. Even if the file is correctly registered, some users may experience errors, specifically with the mciwndx.ocx

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