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Welcome to errorBoss, where it is our intention to provide you with the information you need about various types of computer errors.

With the shift of consumerism in the modern age and the love for electronics, computers, and the Internet, being able to provide information about common errors that slow down and/or prevent the ability for consumers to access information is a huge benefit.

While you navigate through our website, you will find information about specific errors that may or may not affect you. You will also be able to find information about ways to prevent errors from happening in the future. Additionally, you can join our newsletter to receive updates about possible security breaches, new errors, and/or receive updates from us about recommended products that may make your life a lot easier and keep your computer system much more secure.

Regardless of your purpose, hopefully you are able to benefit from using our website. It is our intention to provide you with the best information, products (some paid, some free), tips, and tools for your computer!